I am here to re-mind you that: you matter. Your voice matters.

I am here to re-mind you that: you are worthy. Worthiness is your birthright.

I am here to re-mind you that: you are Love. Loving yourself is truly possible.

“A mountain keeps an echo deep inside.
That’s how I hold your voice.” ― Rumi

Hello lovely! My name is Viknesvari.

Creator of heArtflow – Empowering women to live from their heArts.

My work with women is all about creating an intimate connection with yourself, radiating your Powerful Light and becoming a natural magnet to fulfilling relationships. heArtflow, is founded on the core beliefs of self-awareness, authenticity, fierce & unconditional self-love and the expression of your inner truths.

Do you remember the hard knocks and bottomless pits, you’ve fallen through? The yearning for the freedom and joy of the high highs? I’m your guide through your ups and downs, showing you how to navigate the ebb and flow with loving grace instead of resistance and struggle. There are infinite possibilities available to you and I’ll show you how to tap into this endless stream of abundance to live from your heart.

The seed for this work was planted from my desire to understand human relationships. My roots grew deep in the soils of Psychology with particular interest for stress, trauma, bodily reactions, emotions and connection. My knowledge has been crafted through my years of working with children, youths and families in the field of special needs, physical and sexual abuse, neglect, crisis management and counselling. My work has also been greatly supported through the threads of vocal coaching, creativity coaching, intuitive energy healing practices and spiritual teachings. I am known for cutting through the bullshit stories and getting straight to the heart of the matter – the part that kicks your tear ducts.

My Stories…

…of fEAR.

Fear of judgment, fear of not being enough, feelings of unworthiness, fear of feeling too much, fear of getting hurt, fear of rejection. Growing up, I felt like I didn’t belong. I tried hard to fit in. I did not recognize myself when I looked in the mirror. I hated myself.

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From Unworthiness to Embodying my Worth

Don’t you see how every single human being is unique?

You have a fingerprint that belongs only to you. Yes?
Were you required to do anything to EARN that? NO!
You were born with a unique fingerprint. You were created this way.
Your fingerprint is your birthright.

You have your own heart that beats within you. A heartsong that is unique to your soul. Yes?
Were you required to do anything to EARN that? NO!
You were born with a heart that beats. You were created this way.
Your heart is your birthright.

You breathe in and you breathe out.
Were you required to do anything to EARN that? NO!
You were born with the ability to breathe. You were created this way.
Breathing is your birthright.

You are worthy.
Are you required to earn that? NO!
Worthiness is your birthright. You were given this gift!

Will you allow me to guide you towards embracing the magnificent gift of You?

Read how I transformed my story!

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Here I am Now, Living My Worth.

I am offering a way for you to fill your cup – with love.
You may choose to align with Love… or not.So…What are YOU choosing?

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Quirky facts about me

  • I asked my sister on what she thought was funny about me that I could include in this section and she said… Nothing – and laughed. PS: We might be the only two people who found this funny.
  • I am a Star Child. I live in a house with a Unicorn and a Bear. PS: my siblings
  • I’m a proud owner of a loud, deep-belly laughter. You’ll hear me laughing before you see me.
  • I am very… flowy: my hair, my style, my voice, my art.
  • I belong to a group of Flower Faeries and my chosen name is Yarrow Faery.
  • I start my day with a cup of coffee … dippididoodaadippidiyeay!
  • I prefer to spend my money on books than shoes, especially illustrated Children’s Book!
  • I like having a vase of fresh flowers at my altar. They remind me of love, beauty, the art of allowing and abundance.
  • As I walk down the streets, you will see me smiling for no apparent reason and hear me singing songs that only I can hear

Thank you for reading my story.
I honour your presence here today.
Thank you beautiful soul.