“I’ve learnt that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel”.

~ Maya Angelou

When I met Viknes, there was an instantaneous connection with such a belonging that it felt as though we were long lost soul sisters. I’m truly grateful and honoured to have her as one of my dearest and closest friends.

With genuine love in her heart, Viknes is remarkably uplifting, authentically caring and tenderly compassionate. She lives her life in harmony, with an awareness of Universal love. This beautiful gentle love radiates from her heart and soul, gently touching everyone she comes into contact with. Her ability to create an ambience of acceptance and trust allows you to just be. Feeling comfortably at ease with Viknes bestows the confidence of it being perfectly natural to open up and confide in her.

I have witnessed Viknes using distance Theta healing on Julia who wasn’t convinced about Theta healing but at the time she was desperate and willing to give anything a try. Julia was so overwhelmed with health scares that her life was very stressful, chaotic and miserable. Viknes witnessed some healing through the Creator and since then Julia’s medical tests have all come back negative when the same tests had previously raised concern! Within a few weeks Julia’s health has markedly improved, she also changed her work schedule, took on a new job and is a lot less stressed, much more organised and becoming happier and healthier every day. Thank you Creator and thank you Viknes for being a channel for Creator and enabling this beautiful healing to be!

The messages I receive from Viknes are truly knowledgeable, containing deep truths of wisdom and understanding. I always enjoy these thought provoking little gems! Being an incredibly multi-talented woman, Viknes is also an empathic, perceptive teacher and intuitively she knows exactly what gems of wisdom to share with you. Her words of guidance and wisdom extend far beyond her years.

I love Viknes from the depths of my heart and soul and I know you will love her too. She is truly an inspirational woman and one of the most beautiful souls I have had the pleasure of knowing. I highly recommend you connect with her as she is a delightful breath of fresh air and her sense of humour and joy of living are positively infectious!

Michelle Munro, Scotland

What I like about you is that you are so pure. You have an amazing gift to connect to a lot of different people and you are able to get the essence of life. Your energy is sweet, joyfull, positive and very loving! You have a lot of imagination therefore you create a rich world around you! You actually see things, feel things, catch the moment how it is! Most people tend to overlook all this beauty! This is so reflected in your bright paintings. This imagination makes you smart! Remember the great quote of Einstein: ‘ imagination brings you much further than logic! ‘ It is true you know! That’s why you live more intense and understand the subtle essence, energy of things and you are able to picture your feelings and thoughts beautifully in painting, singing and in words.

In struggling with your own fears and ego you still stand up, learn from them and share it fearlessly and honestly with the world. It makes us feel like we are not alone, but we are together on our soul path in this life. We’ve got a strong connection even though we’ve never met, I really see you as my siStAR, I like your poems, or little quotes and pics you send! It is like a sweet miracle on a busy day! It makes me stop my busy day, freeze the moment and enjoy again, think, and get back to the essence of life!

Sigrid Van Tassel, Belgium

The day Viknesvari came into my life the Gods were smiling on me. If we are the sum of the people we know, then Viknes raised me to a whole other universe. I often think that she must have been my Guru in another life.

I have had the opportunity to experience Theta healing with Viknes. The love and compassion that she brings into a healing session allows a vulnerability and expansion of spirit that I have not experienced before. She is there beside you every step deeper, feeling, guiding, compassionately challenging with love – pouring love into places filled with pain.

She questions and leads the way with an experience that is well beyond her years hence why I know her soul has been healing for generations.

I feel more loving and more love since I have known her and it is because she is so open hearted whole hearted – it leads me in the same direction.

I am honored to have her in my life.

Deni Ayre, Australia

These lovely messages from Viknes are very warm, pure, gentle and honest.

They come from heaven in a right time; reach my heart and mind, and give me positive energy in abundance that stays with me and changes my day for better.

I think she has an amazing talent and connection to the nature and our hearts.

Love you Viknes for all that you are, all that you have been and all you’re yet to be.

As Hafez a Persian ancient poet says: “Your heart and my heart are very very old friends”.

Melody Freedom, Norway

My dear friend Viknes did a healing for me a few weeks ago, here is my testimonial about it.

I have recently began a life changing journey. I am traveling Asia, volunteering in Cambodia for a month with disabled orphan children, and starting a new life, with my beloved partner in Germany. So many blessings all at once.

I began to feel all sorts of anxiety a few months ago, which intensified at the beginning of my trip. Most prominent was the fear of death, for I could not understand how a person could have it all, how anyone who was not a saint or Nelson Mandela could possibly be deserving of all the blessings the universe was putting at my feet. I contacted Viknes after a few sleepless nights.

Through a healing she did with me, she helped me understand that my fear of “death” was actually a fear of transformation, for that is all that death is. Fear of becoming this bold woman, tracing her own path, so far away from home. I always knew this experience would teach me amazing things, but I think my soul knew that it was going to rock my very foundation and see me flourish, stronger and with a greater sense of self than ever before. Viknes helped me accept that I am deserving of all the beautiful blessings of the universe, for my soul chose them for me. For being happy was what I came here for.

About a month after that healing and almost done with my time as a volunteer in Cambodia, I almost don’t recognize the person who left her home not too long ago. Before the healing I was so afraid of being sick, of getting into an accident, of malaria and Dengue fever, of airplanes and an incredible number of other things. Today I am strong, and I feel strong on my own two feet. I realize that my “safe space” used to be with my family and with my boyfriend. Today that safe space lies within me. I am much more open to receiving my blessings as I have been able to share them with my children at the orphanage and I suddenly feel a much greater sense of purpose on this earth. I am much more calm, grounded, and present in my life and I honestly attribute this to Viknes’ healing and life-changing mantras that I repeat every day.

Thank you Vicky!

Estefy Vasconez, USA

Dear Viknes,

I stopped by to say thank you for having met you in the duality with Jeffrey facebook group. Every moment I am on facebook I am comforted and encouraged by all your posts. Some of them are way too deep for me to understand for now and am looking forward to learn more from you. Your love of the universe is so profound and the few photos I have seen of you confirm your kind heart from your warm smile. You have given me a new meaning in breathing. Each moment I inhale, I remember to take a deep breath and feel my lungs with air (LOVE) and let it flow all through my body. You have taught me and reminded me to find beauty in me and in breathing, in believing in me as the assurance of a sunrise and a sunset, in looking for true beauty in flowers and learning from nature. What I am trying to write in so many words is Thank you. In my language I would tell you “Asante”. I need to recall a week ago that I was not at peace and ran to you for help and without judging or complaining you guided me to seeing my greatness and reminded me to forgive myself. You were and are a true healer to me. I send you love and light.

Mercy Nganga, Kenya

I met Viknes through a course we both took together. Over the months, as we communicated back in forth, I discovered the kind of person she is. I found that she is one of the happiest (you just have to experience her laugh to know what I’m talking about), most compassionate, intuitive, smart, grounded individuals that I have ever met. I look forward to whatever bits of wisdom or insight she has to share which can be almost daily. The moment our paths crossed, my life has become richer and more complete. What you will find is that Viknes is one of a kind.

John Royer, USA

Vickie has a true gift of sensing and understanding what is happening behind the scenes. The messages and visions she sends holds deep insights.

The beauty of her soul and the deep love she holds for everything living shines through

Once when I really felt desperate and miserable, she helped me through healing via Facebook messenger. The connection through the healing amazed me and she really helped me to find my voice and to see/feel the core of my problems. I am very grateful that she came to my aid that evening so that I could move forward. With love and deep gratitude and I hope Vickie will continue to let her light shine strong to the benefit of us all.

Eva Westman

Viknes lives on the other side of the planet from me. We were making jokes about when I’m going to bed, she’s starting her day and vice versa. Even though we live that far, the moment I met Viknes, I felt a very strong connection with her as if I knew her since a long time, as if she knew me. She understands people because she knows how to love, purely…

She knows how to accept others as they are, without judging. She is a pure soul filled with light. The messages I’ve been receiving from Viknes are out of this world, they seems to have been written by the angels, they often resonate with what I am experiencing in my own life. No doubts that Viknes has a gift for helping and healing people. Many blessings…

Isabelle Drolet, Canada

I was very lucky to meet Miss Viknesvari through the facebook page of an energy work training course. Her messages to myself and others were so loving and encouraging. I could feel her bright energy and authenticity, and we struck up a friendship. After the course officially ended, she began sending out notes and messages of love and encouragement on the spiritual path of self discovery. Her messages always speak to me deeply and they come at exactly the perfect time. I believe she is deeply connected to her “tribe” through her Beautiful Heart. I am so grateful to know her- she is a true inspiration.

Melissa Emily Gill, USA

Viknes is no doubt one of my soul sisters. The messages I receive from her on a daily basis seem to be exactly what I need at exactly the right moment. They help keep me grounded l focused and positive. She has an amazing cosmic connection, and I am ever so grateful to know her. When I have had one on one connections with her, her vision and understanding is so beautiful, so perfect. She heals though her connection, her insights, her words.

Martha Lerner

Dear Vicky,

I don’t know where to start, but isn’t the beginning a good one? 😄

I prayed for a good hearted unconditional loving soul to enter my life, be there for me unconditionally. I prayed for a true friend which will accept me as I am without any acts and ego roles.

2 days later you entered my life. From day one we had a special and natural with ease flowing connection. We were talking, laughing and just having a good time 😄 .

When we decided to do reading for each other, mostly train in it, I couldn’t have imagined what amazing journey we had started. We started the journey of our hearts.

Your openness and willingness to love, help, listen, support and motivate is pure healing. You being you is pure healing. The things you do, you do them because you are such a gentle heart. You don’t even have to heal with the intention of healing, simple being you is already a healing light to our world. I thank you for that and everybody who knows you, appreciates your presence and honored to have you in our lives.

I love you so much, I can’t repeat it enough.

I pray for the right people to come to your side, who be willing to receive healing, who are there for your highest good and you may help them for their highest good. I pray that a lot of help seeking souls should be guided to your light, since I witnessed in my own soul and life how much positive and freeing transformation you can bring, with your healing energy.

I pray that all the people who will visit your site, will be brave enough to contact you for a better and happier future.

I can only motivate everybody reading this. Vicky has helped me transform my life so easily and so amazing with her theta healing technique and also simply her own loving and nurturing gentle energy.

Sometimes it is like a back rub, it is better if someone else does it for you :-)).

Jeez, funny example 😄 .

If you are looking for help and a loving and sincerely caring friend, you found a right person right here. Vicky gives her presence to be here to heal you and guide you on a better, happier and healthier path. What could be more convincing than somebody giving her, his own time to help you? Doesn’t this speak already stories?

Vicky I love you and I will be always here to support you. I can’t wait to hear from all the great healing stories and testimonies still to come from your new friends 😄 .

May the worst day of us all be filled with blessing, gratitude, love and positive light and pure neutrality. 😄

So let the healing begin ;)…

Güney Kurultay

Viknes, your messages are often the most spiritual part of my day. When I receive one of your “visions” with thoughtful questions at the end of it, you help me stay centered during normally tumultuous days of teaching and raising my own two little girls. You often send a message that I need to hear, but would never have the words to paint the scenery that you paint with your words. I often feel like I’m never giving enough back to you – that it’s an off-balance relationship. You are always filling my spiritual bucket and reaching out. I wish I could do the same for you more often!!! The fact that we have shared so many conversations and feelings and nurtured a soulful connection from 9000 miles away is one of the coolest things that has occurred in my life. I am so grateful for you and have so much love for you. Thank you for staying connected and for sharing your beautiful messages with me. You and your words enrich my life and make me better! I love you, sister!!!

Christine Colwin Koehler, USA

Viknes views the world from a place of compassion. She has the ability to see God in all things. Whether you need to step outside yourself (as in the over thinker) or go deep within yourself to find an answer to a vexing problem, Viknes messages have deep wisdom. Her Facebook page, Honour your Heart, clearly expresses her point of view. She is committed to serving others through her messages. She has a gift to freshly see even commonplace objects with a child-like curiosity and gratitude that is truly inspirational. I am grateful to have her in my life and I look forward to her messages.

Lisa Schatz, USA

I met Viknes, when she befriended me on Facebook. She had been part of the class that I had taken thru Mindvalley.com. After reading her very first message to me, I felt as if she had known me forever and was moved by her deep understanding of our connection to the universe and to each other. She has the ability to see past your words. During one of our talks online, I mentioned how I wasn’t feeling well. Well, what happened next was short of miraculous. She sent me a healing. A feeling of total peace came over me as I felt as though love and energy were pouring into me and over me. I felt relief and was finally able to release blocked energy and negativity that was keeping me down. She was even able to pinpoint where my pain was without even asking. Normally I would be skeptical toward someone who claimed they could help change your situation by sending you energy. In fact, I would say that I am quite weary of people who claim to possess abilities to help you thru spiritual channels. However, Viknes never claimed she could help me, she just asked if she could try and help me.. Let me be clear. I am not saying she is God. What I am saying is that she possesses a special gift and I feel that her gift is so powerful because she comes from the purest place and that is “LOVE.” From time to time she sends me messages and I don’t know how she does it but her messages always help me with some issue I may be dealing with and they always fill me up with love. The messages blow me away every time… Truly, after I read a message from Viknes I feel enlightened, grounded and my energy begins to vibrate at a higher level. I know that God sent her to me and I feel she is an angel here on earth. I am 50 years old and I have never met a person more beautiful than Viknes. I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

Marguerite Tweed

I really appreciate how they come with such nice energy. In the sense that when you are going about your day, they remind me that I matter to someone even if I don’t read them immediately. and when I read them with time and presence I love the effort put behind them, the metaphors and the lesson they teach.

I really appreciate you and what you represent. You have such a strong desire to heal yourself, and from your learning you have this contagious desire to share it with others. You are growing so much and you inspire me. You also have this amazing laughter that is infectious. You also have this light about you that makes it so easy to be around you, and it makes me want to be around you. You are also so so supportive!

Natalie Chua, Singapore

Your words are completely beautiful! You set the scene so the reader can picture everything and then the resulting questions are always in alignment with subjects I am processing in the moment. Your messages are so thoughtful and thought provoking. I love you, Viknes and the beautiful treasure that is your open heart!

Kristen Ashley, USA

Thank you Viknes for your soothing and inspiring words of wisdom. Although we live in two different parts of the world, I feel very close to you and this soul connection is a gift from heaven ! Keep on spreading beauty, joy and love around you, this is what nourishes our souls.

Christine Boukhalil

Your messages often carry me to other times and places where reflection and changes of perspective are possible. They lift my spirits and make my days brighter. I am so glad you have chosen to share them with me. Thank you.

Sonia Dabboussi, UAE

Dear Viknes,

The messages you send me is so amazing! Usually spot-on with what I need to hear or do that day. Many times I found just the answer to what I’m looking for, in them.

Thank you so much for sharing them.

Your kindness and warm, loving heart has been a true blessing to me! Thank you.

Yolandi Boshoff Benade, South Afria

Vicky was great in organising and coordinating the painting event for our group. She was helpful in guiding me to explore more about myself through the process. During the activity, we had to interact with each other which gave us various opportunities to understand each other better. Vicky has a sincere way in allowing me to make sense of things through the process and it has been an enjoyable and fulfilling time together.

Hazel Chen, Singapore

Originally, I met Viknes through an online course, and it has been several months, since we met, after you completed a course here in Brisbane. One of the lasting impressions of you, is your capacity to listen. Listening with an open heart is a wonderful and rare gift. Often, out the ‘seeming blue’, you will send a message, sometimes cloaked as a story, gently challenging something I need to consider. Through your gentle compassionate approach, certain resistances are falling away. An appreciation to come to this point goes beyond words. For the moment, thank you for being you, keep enjoying the quest, and follow your nose. Much love…xxx

Pieta Johann Mcgilvray, Australia

Thank you thank you so much for your amazing posts, always come at the right time. A little spooky!

Billi, Australia

The clarity session with Vickie was enlightening. She was patient and encouraging while helping me to sort through the various thoughts. At the end of it, i left the session with a symbol and an energy that i could ground myself with. Thank you vickie! I hope to continue more with you in this journey towards self heal.

Hema, Singapore

The sharing session was a little tough at first, with me being lost with regards to where I currently was in my life, as well as what was stopping me from moving forward towards my dreams. It did take some questions and a lot more of probing that got me to dig deeper within me. I knew my potential, my power but I was afraid of it and slowly the possible beliefs came out from my lips. The fact is I was struggling. With myself thinking that I’ve got to find a way to manage it all, to change it all, and that I can have the best of both worlds, i.e. achieving my dream and managing my parents’ expectations of me. The clarity session indeed got me thinking about all of that. I came to realize that love triumphs all. I don’t have to face all of that frustration and be the frustration. All I needed to be is Love. During the painting session, the layering of the paint got me to think that even if I got it wrong, there was no big deal about it. I can just paint it over. I can redo things. Change my world through a new pair of lens. And Viki brought to my senses and mind again that I should listen to the signs of the universe. And how it will support my dream. The sharing, the questioning and definitely the painting, has brought new light on my journey.

Nathaniel, Singapore

I find your remarks coming in to my message box so random, yet so pertinent, that I marvel at your ability to tune in to the vibration of the universe I’m embodying and support me as I find my way. Thank you so much for your wisdom and your profound love.

Mary Largess Lee, USA

The messages that Viknes shares are so beautiful and full of light. I truly enjoy receiving them. They have brought me much comfort in my day to day life. She is very encouraging and truly connected with the Divine.

Jeanne B, USA

I met Viknes virtually, living in Canada and she in Singapore. She’s been supportive in hard times, good listener, sending love and compassion when needed, giving non intrusive advice and asking questions that helped me go through hard times. She’s a singer of the soul, try her good music, it comes from the heart. She also uses inspiring quotes and nice photos. Art is part of communication and that’s great. Receiving beauty is a great healer too.

Nathalie Faure, Canada

Messages received from Viknes are a gift. It’s like a gift I give myself to sit quietly and read them. They speak to me so simply and so directly. Sometimes the way they address so directly issues I am dealing with steal my breath away. They are sent with love, and a with such an open hand and heart. And there is at the same time such lightness in her, such joyous playfulness. I want to hang out with her and laugh. A lot! And sing crazy songs just for the fun of it. Vickie speaks to my soul. If you’ll let her, she just might speak to yours, too!

Lucy Russell, UK | Actor

Viknes brings an excellent connection and positive energy to any situation. Her messages always manage to arrive when they are most needed and can immediately shift the energy of a down day into a positive one. Plus they are always reinforced by beautiful and uplifting images.

Aj Arkandina, USA

Viknes reached across the universe and touched my soul. She peered into my heart and saw the key that had been there all along to open up the flow of miracles awaiting my reception. Namaste beautiful soul!

Diane O’Brien Fratus, USA

I’ve known Vicky for 4 years now and I’ve always been touched by her compassion for others, genuineness, authenticity and generous spirit. Vicky is one the most grounded, spiritual and inspirational people I’ve known. She’s intuitively attuned to others and will not hesitate to help and encourage others in need. She is a real gem who is caring, affirming and encouraging! I’m very blessed to have a friend like Vicky.

Ching Sian, Singapore

I began a journey of discovery through an online energy healing course called Duality in 2014. Viknes was the first to reach out to me, and just when I needed some extra love and support. She has continued to reach out, always full of endless unconditional love, encouragement and powerful awesome positive words for thought….sensing just when I need it. Viknes is truly blessed with her gift of love, sensing who needs it, giving her light which in her words…reflects truth to others. She reminded me to just trust that Mother Nature nourishes us all, that our souls are on a perfect journey… So just relax and enjoy life. These and many more words have come from dear Viknes…truly an Earth Angel who helps with the nourishing of our souls. So, as she reminded me, “Soak in the light and blossom open to the beauty of your dreams!” Thank you Dear One.

Randi Vargas, USA


Laughter * Compassion * Encouragement * Fun * Singing * Perception

These are the words that come to mind when thinking of Viknes. As a classmate in Duality Training with Jeffrey Allen and in her own group of Whitney Freya’s 21 Days Painting Meditation we felt her presence across the miles.

Viknes is quick to share information and quick to offer solace wherever it is needed. Her writing and her art work is inspiring and comforting. She is a fine being in every way!

Floriana, Canada