Relationship Triggers Session

This is for you if something’s flared up in your relationships, it keeps repeating in your mind and you’d like to get clarity and peace in your mind.

If someone around you is annoying – it doesn’t mean that you are an annoying person. It just means that you are feeling annoyed with yourself. The other person (a partner or a close friend) is simply a mirror, an indicator of what you’re feeling right now. Are you ready to take a look into the Mirror and find out your truth?

When I was making plans with my partner for our travels, I kept feeling so angry with every discussion that we had – about what to pack, the dates of travel. It made me feel like walking away or not talk anymore so I can stop feeling so upset inside. When I looked deeper into this I realised that I had the perception that I was being ‘forced’ and that it was a ‘must do’ and I had no choice. The lack of control made me feel angry. When I spoke to my partner about this, I realised that I had the expectation that what I was to say would be ‘wrong’ or not ‘listened to’. Releasing these expectations allowed me to show up in the discussions with more openness and ease and this time I had fun!

Does this sound familiar to you? Do you have a situation that you keep circling back to? I created this session, just for you!

Some of the things we will look into:

Challenges in your relationship

Help that you need right now

Clarity of what you truly desire

Actions to take right now so you can start feeling better

Mindset work

Your investment:

$88 single payment

If this sounds like exactly what you need right now,
go ahead and book in and I look forward to connecting with you!

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