Say ‘No’ With Confidence – Coaching Session

This session is all about helping you decline invitations when you easily give your space, time and energy to your loved ones… at times feeling guilty, apologetic and resentful inside.

Are these situations similar to yours?

When I said ‘yes’ to my close friend though I really meant ‘no’, I felt resentment in my stomach.
When I said ‘yes’ to my family because I felt I had no choice, I felt grumpy. A part of me felt small.

If you’ve been nodding in agreement, then maybe you’ve given away your time and energy to others because you felt that it was the “right” thing to do

Yet when you finally said ‘no’, you felt guiltyfor standing up for yourself, for taking back control over your time.When you said ‘no’, you apologized… for choosing yourself and you hoped to make yourself

feel better about your guilt. When saying ‘no’ felt uncomfortableand the guilt kept growing, you ended up giving in and saying yes anyway!

I love Brene Brown’s quote on “choosing discomfort over resentment”.

Not only can you say ‘no’ to the resentment, you can also learn to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty – to your loved ones!The reason why you stumble with saying ‘no’ is because you haven’t worked out the exact words to say, that fits you best!

Sometimes talking to someone who has been through this journey can help you to see the gaps with the words that you’re using, your true feelings and the energy that you’re carrying in your voice as you speak.

When there is a misalignment between your true feelings, what you communicate and the energy behind it, chances are that you’ll say ‘no’ and still feel bad about yourself.

In this session we will:

  • Look at the challenge you’re facing or the situation that you feel stuck in
  • Customise the ways for you to say ‘no’ for your specific situation
  • Check in with your body language and the energy in your voice as you speak
  • Empower you with strategies that will have you saying ‘no’ with confidence and ease

This offer is for you:

  • if you’re ready to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty or being apologetic
  • if you’re ready to have a winning mindset that you’re saying yes to yourself
  • if you’re ready to align your energy with your decision, your desire and your speech

You Receive:

1 x 45 mins coaching session

1 x 15 mins free follow up session

Your investment:

$77 single payment

Does sounds like something that would benefit you?

Perfect! Book in for your “Say ‘No’ With Confidence Coaching Session” right now.

Let’s reclaim your precious time, energy and space in your personal relationships!

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