Have you been feeling like…
  • You’ve got so many amazing dreams and ideas and you don’t know where to start!
  • You’re confused about the direction you should be taking
  • You’re sitting on the fence instead of making a decision
  • You’ve got big, bold and brave goals but there’s still some underlying worry
  • You’ve crafted your plan for 2017 but it feels ungrounded
  • You’re feeling uninspired
  • You’re feeling like it’s too much effort and you’re forcing your flow
  • You’re afraid you might make a wrong decision
  • You’re uncertain if it’s your intuition or your mind guiding you
  • You feel like you’re out of alignment
  • You wish you just had some assurance you’re on the right path

The path of your greatest clarity, is the path of your greatest joy!

It is vital to tap into your true desires to create what you really really WANT!

When you worry or doubt, you create resistance that slows your momentum towards achieving your big goals. These worries are rooted in limiting beliefs that carry your old stories and baggages causing you to recreate the energy of what you do not want in your life! For example, the word MONEY has a lot of energy behind it attached to what you do not want.

SOUL CLARITY SESSIONS will guide you to change the ENERGY of these beliefs from WORRY to EXCITEMENT!

SOUL CLARITY SESSIONS will get you to…

  • Feel inspired to take action with ease!
  • Feel energised and excited about what’s coming for you!
  • Feel focused!
  • A calm confidence in moving forward!
  • Feel reconnected!
  • Feel a sense of being home within yourself
  • Feel a sense of knowing
  • Feeling of being in your power
  • Reassured that you’re on the right path
  • Feel Aligned with your highest good
  • Feel guided and supported by your Inner Wisdom
  • Feel at ease
  • Know how to tap into your desire at ANY time!
  • Repeat this process and gain CLARITY by yourself!


In our time together we will create a #1 NEW BELIEF that is in alignment with and serves YOU. We will dig into the root of your worry and replace it with a new empowering belief that you really, really believe in. Through a Creative Activity we will identify a #2 SYMBOL that triggers in your entire being the energy of your NEW BELIEF. Symbols have NO baggage!

A SOUL CLARITY SESSION will guide you towards a deeper awareness of what you truly DESIRE in your heArt.

This exercise can also be used to tap into your Soul to receive a message for what you are needing to know in the moment at ANY time. To tap into your right brain intuitive creative mind and out of your logical analytical left brain. It is a simple, fun, very insightful tool that you may repeatedly use throughout your life.

Let us tap into your desire and set you on your path towards success!

60 minute session
$100 SGD (Approx $88 USD)
In person or Skype